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The not-for-profit sector has been recently developed and has become a priority objective of our Association.
Afiliatys supports on your behalf the underprivileged, the elderly and the persons made vulnerable by illness or social exclusion.

In 2020, we have supported:


In 2020, AFILIATYS allocated 90.000 euros to the following actions and projects, to which were added 10.000 euros, as the participation of GIVE EUR HOPE (funded by donations and contributions from the staff of the European Institutions):

Medical equipment for the struggle against Cancer and/or Covid :
  • Institut St Luc Covid19 - Medical equipment, masks, hair protection, blouses, ...
  • AZ West Vlaanderen Covid - Medical equipment, masks, hair protection, blouses, ...
  • Fondation Roi Baudoin Covid - Medical equipment: respirators
  • Médecins Sans Frontières - Covid masks : distribution
  • Service Santé Mentale, Herstal - Covid masks : fabrication and distribution
  • Fondation Cancer - Covid masks : Distribution to associations helping the homeless (street nurses, Les Samaritains), to persons battling against cancer and their families
  • Fondation Albert II St LUC - Wigs, make up, etc... for the revalidation of people suffering from cancer
Medical Research on Cancer :
  • Institut Roi Albert II (cancérologie et Hématologie)
  • Kom Op tegen Kanker
Struggle against Poverty :
  • Journal Le Soir : - Toys for underpriviledged children in Belgium
  • 12 heures pour la Grèce : - Fuel for the heating of schools in the North of Greece
  • Resto du cœur
  • Asbl La Marguerite (1) : Securing and renovating a shelter for the children living in an underprivileged neighborhood in Luik
  • Asbl Solidarité Grands Froid (1)(2): Equipment of a cloakroom for the distribution of clothes and cleaning products to the homeless in Brussels
  • Asbl « Stëmm vun der Stroose » (1)(2) : Equipmpent of a cooking area for the preparation of social meals by persons in professional reintegration in Luxemburg

(1) Projects funded in partnership with GIVE EUR HOPE, the non profit organisation of the staff of the European Institutions promoting solidarity towards the underprivileged, with whom AFILIATYS signed a Cooperation Convention.
(2) The contribution of GIVE EUR HOPE mainly comes from the Christmas 2020 action of the staff of the DG HR.

In 2019, we have supported:

Health Sector
  • Kiko Muco Cup
    Afiliatys supports the active participation of our colleagues involved in the activities of the assocation, by covering, amongst others, part of the organisational costs.

  • Stiching Tegen Op Kanker
    Afiliatys supports cancer research projects.

  • Espace Bien-Être de l'Institut Royal Albert II - Saint Luc
    This well-being area, cancer center of the Cliniques universitaires Saint Luc, enables women suffering from cancer to rebuilt physically and phsychologically with the help of tailormade guidance and care.
    Afiliatys participates to the aquisition, among others, of wigs, makeup and headscarves.

  • Action Parkinson asbl
    This association in which some of our colleagues from the European Institutions volunteer develops and oversees a meeting place dealing with the Parkinson disease and organises physical activities adapted the persons suffering from the disease. The support requested from Afiliatys is the funding of material and part of the costs of the classes taught by professional independant animators in adapted venues.

  • Participation au financement d'une thèse sur la revalidation cardiaque che les enfants (8-18 ans) atteints de maladie cardiaque congenitale
    The purpose of this thesis, supervised by professors, is to verify the effects of a moderately-intense physical programme, as validated on the adults, but realised by telemedication, to enable the chldren to follow a regular school programme.

Social Actions
  • Mains Tendues asbl
    This association is undertaking social activities to the benefit of underpriviledged persons and families by offering a help regarding food, heating, clothing, medical costs, … These actions are made possible thanks to the donations of partners, as well as to the sale, at low price, of items received such as clothes, bed linen and home appliances. The contributon of Afiliatys enables the support of a larger amount of projects aimed at supporting underpriviledged families.

  • 12 heures pour la Grèce asbl
    Fuel for the schools in the North of Greece Fafilliatys funds since 2017 the delivery of fuel that allows the heating of 40 schools out of 200 (2 for handicaped children) located in the North of Greece. More than 8.000 children could attend school in regular conditions thanks to this support.

  • Maison de répit Casa Clara asbl
    Casa Clara is the first respite home in Belgium for the relatives of handicapped or severly ill children. The contribution of Afiliatys helped the furnishing of the activity room (also dining room), that is central to organisation of activities in a respite home. This sharing & convivial area enables, among others, to welcome the families, the organisation of the meals, the interactions between the parents as well as resourcing activities such as cooking, sewind and drawing workshops. Children can participate to creative workshops and play games.

  • Susa Bxl asbl
    SUSA-BXL, a support service created by COCOF, is intended to autistic children, teenagers and adults and their families. It accompanies and guides parents in establishing an adapted eductational strategy and organises leisure activities for the families. Afiliatys participated to the outside arrangements for the youngest (swings, sandboxes, trampoline, …)

  • Spectacle au Cirque Bouglione pour les enfants défavorisés de Belgique
    Since 2017, Alexandre Bouglione offers a complete show (1250 seats) to Afiliatys so that we can invite underpriviledged and ill children to enjoy the magic of circus. Afiliatys is in charge of inviting those children through associations and CPAS, and supports the transportation and dinner-baskets costs.

  • The Saint Nicholas Party for the children of the European officials, at Cirque Bouglione
    This event, now a tradition and much awaited, gathers every year 2.500 persons during two shows. Afiliatys is taking care of the organisation, as well as the making of goodie bags for the 1.500 children, with the help of volunteers.

Cultural Support
  • Concert Afiliatys
    Afiliatys organises on a regular basis concerts at Petit Théâtre Mercelis in Brussels. These concerts are peformed by volunteer artists, officials of the European Institutions and children of the European Schools. Three were already organised. Always a hit. This action is in line with one of the objectives of the statutes: the promotion of cultural and artistic activities.

In 2018, we have supported:

Fondation I see 
Kiko Muco Cup
Kom op Tegen Kanker
Fondation contre Cancer
Mains tendues Waterloo
Schuman Trophy
Darkness Into Light
Thèse Cardio- Pédiatrique Pr Recycler

In 2017, Afiliatys supported the associations and projects listed below:

Health Sector:

Kiko Muco Cup
Cliniques Saint Luc  ALBERT II
Clinique Lubumbashi                                        
Ensemble pour Sacha
Association Parkinson
Viva For Life CAP 48
Support à notre collègue Saveta Denghel            

Struggle against Poverty & Social Exclusion
Afiliatys Supports the EU Staff Associations in their solidarity projects:

12 Heures pour la Grèce
Fuel for Greece
Mains Tendues
Schuman Trophy
ASTI Luxembourg

Support to External Associations:

Bossa Flor
Comité Italien ALESTERO

In 2016, Afiliatys supported the associations and projects listed below, for an amount exceeding 80.000€:

Health Sector:

Struggle against Poverty & Social Exclusion:
Afiliatys Supports the EU Staff Associations in their solidarity projects:

Support to External Associations:

In 2015, Afiliatys supported the associations and projects listed below, for an amount exceeding 75.000€:

Health Sector:

Struggle against Poverty & Social Exclusion:
Afiliatys Supports the EU Staff Associations in their solidarity projects:

And also: La Fondation Sai for cross-generation relations, autism, Parkinson disease, multiple sclerosis, Fondation I See, Fuel for Schools and European Schools Science Symposium. We will continue this solidarity commitment all through your contributions.

Join us to participate!

In 2014, Afiliatys could donate approx. 52.000 euros in support to the following associations & solidarity projects:

Health Sector:

Struggle against Poverty & Social Exclusion:
Afiliatys Supports the EU Staff Associations in their solidarity projects:

Support to External Associations:


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