MAZOWSZE, the show with 1000 costumes ...

GALA JUBILE 70 years for the 100th anniversary of the Independence of Poland


For 70 years, the National Ballet of Poland has been performing on every continent ...


Traveling nearly two million kilometers by sea, air or land to visit more than sixty countries and triumph on the planet with nearly 7,500 performances!


Created in 1948 by the composer Tadeusz SYGIETYNSKI and the famous actress and singer Mira ZIMINSKA, the prestigious ensemble MAZOWSZE has become over the years a real phenomenon scenic and musical, singing and dancing, crossing the fashions and trends without weakening, perpetuating beautifully the dreams of its creators.


These artists, graduates of the largest ballet and music schools in their country, present a unique show composed of a ballet, an orchestra and a mixed choir, nearly 100 people twirling on stage.


Carrying high the colors of Poland and its ancestral cultural heritage, incorporating hand embroidered costumes by the best master craftsmen of the world.


1000 priceless costumes, often adorned with pearls and corals, some of which are over a hundred years old!


Like a daydream ... The 1000 Costume Show!


MAZOWSZE returns after 15 years of absence in Belgium, unique date.


Two hours of pure happiness!


Sunday, March, 24th at 19.00
Palais des Beaux Arts de Bruxelles

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