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AFILIATYS EVENT: VIP Shopping & Fun Week-End at Maasmechelen Village

Afiliatys and Maasmechelen Village invite you to the now traditional VIP Shopping Weekend!
On March, 30th and 31st, you can exclusively enjoy:
  • 20% saving on the outlet price* in over 70 participating boutiques 
  • Access to the unique Expats VIP Lounge, where you’ll enjoy free refreshments
  • Goodies for all
  • Creative workshops for your little ones in the Afiliatys lounge...
  • ... and a free shuttle bus from Brussels to Maasmechelen Village, if you wish...
How can you participate?
Simply register to the event by clicking HERE
Free travel from Brussels with the Shopping Express® coach service.
Click HERE to book your ticket and enter the code AFILIATYS EU
We are looking forward to sharing this nice moment with you!

We hope that you found this information useful and wish you a great week,

The Board of Directors

Daniel Germain, President
Jean-Pierre Hennart and Pascal Erauw, Vice Presidents
Francis Pay, Treasurer
Serge Crutzen, Pasquale Gambino, Luc Janssens, Dominique-Philippe Levieil, Evelyne Pichon, Christophe Stas, Hans Torrekens, Marcel van de Voorde, Fabienne Van Muijlder, Stéphane Veramme, Board Members


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