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Accident Cover on Retirement

Dear Members,

The information we sent out on 10 April regarding the change of broker for the JSIS complementary health insurance policies has given rise to a number of further question about their accident cover on retirement.

We therefore need to clarify the situation.

If the pensioner does indeed lose the benefit of a possible lump sum payment in the case of death or disability resulting from an accident (under Art. 73 of the Staff Regulations), s/he however continues to be covered by Art. 72 of the Staff Regulations. But the level of reimbursement will no longer be up to 010% but only up to 80-85% of the costs incurred as the result of an accident.

The Hospi Safe policy (sickness/accident) covers the difference between the JSIS reimbursement and the costs incurred linked to a stay in hospital.

Article 72 of the Staff Regulations: Coverage of medical expenses up to 80-85% in case of sickness or accident.

Coverage up to 100% in case of a recognised serious illness.

Article 73 of the Staff Regulations: For agents in active employment only: coverage against the risks of accident and occupational disease.   After reimbursing the costs under Art. 72, this gives a supplementary reimbursement up to 100%.
Lump sum paid in case of permanent partial/total disability and in case of death.

Daniel Germain


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