Exclusive conditions for private insurances and assistance for supplementary health insurances

Our dedicated insurance broker

Afiliatys offers you the services of Vanbreda Risk and Benefits to study which insurance policies are likely to correspond best to your personal, family and financial situation.

The strategy adopted by Afiliatys and seconded by Vanbreda Risk and Benefits is based on the following essential principles: 

  • The value of an insurance policy is its capacity to cover a risk, which has been assessed methodically and reliably.  The cost of the insurance policy is of course also a consideration, but not the main one.
  • The party concerned is not always well informed about the risks to be considered nor about the possible insurance policies and their limits.
  • The party concerned should be able to rely on a reliable broker to guide him/her in his/her choices.
  • In the event of a disaster, this broker should follow a repair claim through to the end.  This task confers greater responsibility on the broker for the advice he gives relative to the choice of insurance.

Main insurance policies

For your property

  • Classic fire, theft and all risk

For your various responsibilities

  • Family civil liability, household staff, specific civil liabilities (hunting, riding, ...)

Legal protection

  • Legal protection car
  • Legal protection private life
  • Articles 90§2; appeals to the European Civil Service tribunal


  • Third party liability
  • Omnium or partial omnium
  • Passenger / Driver
  • Breakdown Assistance

Hospitalisation and healthcare

  • Application and confirmation of Hospi Safe scheme
  • Assistance with the claim reimbursement procedure
  • Comprehensive information concerning the cover

Vanbreda Risk and Benefits regularly undertakes a “benchmarking” study and evaluates the quality-price relationship of its offers relative to the market.