Our covers

You may choose from 3 options :

  • Hospi Safe Plus, covers hospitalisation, mainstream medical practice, outpatient care and dental care under certain conditions
  • Hospi Safe Sickness & Accident (the new name for the former « Hospi Safe »), covers the hospitalisation costs linked to a disease or an accident (and also care linked to pregnancy)
  • Hospi Safe Sickness, offers the same cover as « Hospi Safe Sickness & Accidents », except for the coverage linked to Accidents. This option is relevant for our active Members (100% covered by the JSIS against accidents) and for the retirees who subscribed to a top up coverage for Accidents (through AIACE, for example).

Please note that not all family members must subscribe to a same option. For example, let’s take the case of an EU official married to a woman that is not working in the Institutions and that has a child of 6 years old who needs dental care.
We advise that our Members subscribes to a Hospi Safe Sickness cover for him, to a Hospi Safe Sickness & Accidents for his wife and to a Hospi Safe Plus for his child.

Important : You should not forget to update your cover to Hospi Safe Sickness & Accident upon retirement – unless if you subscribe to another supplementary accident coverage