Travel assistance by Europ Assistance and Cigna Eurprivileges

for Afiliatys members

Provided by Europ Assistance, this travel assistance offers tailor-made services and prices to active and retired European civil servants. The scope of services can be chosen.

Europ Assistance offers two annual Insurance packages

  • SILVER: assistance to people, travel
  • GOLD: assistance to people, travel, cancellations

Annual primes (€ - BE taxes included) in 2024:

Options Silver Gold
Base 94 208
Suppl. Medical care* 50 50
Suppl. roadside assistance 41 41
Total 185 299

*Cover up to €1,000,000 €

Contract to be subscribed to online for the choice of options

Only consider options that cover medical care at the minimum level of €1,000,000.

Insured persons

The policyholder, the legal or de facto spouse as well as their dependent children, as long as they live under the same roof as their parents.

Place of residence

For the policyholder or for an insured official or agent of the European Institutions (for example, a spouse who is himself an official or agent) the place of employment where the functions are carried out and near which the official or agent is required to reside (art.20 of the Statute and arts; 11 and 54 of the Regime).

Agents of the European Institutions on secondment to a delegation (in Europe or outside) can benefit from this insurance as long as they are covered by the Common Institutional Sickness and Disability Insurance Scheme (JSIS). The same goes for their family covered by the JSIS at the place of delegation or at their place of residence in a European country*. For these insured persons, the place of repatriation may be the place of delegation or their place of origin in a European country*.

For an insured person, a retired civil servant or who is not an agent of the European Institutions, the place of his usual residence which must be located in Europe*. Islands and departments not located on the European continent are excluded.

Main insurance guarantees

  • Repatriation of the injured or sick person and their traveling companions
  • Early return in the event of hospitalization or death of a loved one
  • €5,000 search and rescue costs

Contract valid for 1 year for any uninterrupted stay of 1 day to 3 consecutive months

« Gold » cover summary

  • Stay in Belgium, covered from 3 nights
  • Assistance and medical costs
  • Delivery fees
  • Reconnecting with your loved ones
  • Incident at your home
  • Travel issues
  • Advice service
  • Trips covered in the event of cancellation (NoGo option)

Please note: Trips booked before subscribing to the NoGo (cancellation) option and whose start date is within 30 days of the effective date of the contract are not covered.

« Silver » cover summary

  • Assistance and medical costs
  • Delivery fees
  • Reconnecting with your loved ones
  • Incident at your home
  • Travel issues
  • Advice service


Countries or regions in a state of war, insurrections, riots, etc. preventing the execution of the convention.

Countries, regions or areas for which authorities have issued a general travel ban

Destination countries which have issued a ban on entry into their territory for nationals of the country(ies) of which the insurance beneficiaries are nationals.

North Korea, Syria, Iran, Venezuela, Belarus, Myanmar (Burma), Afghanistan, the Russian Federation, Crimea and the People's Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk.

Personal liability coverage does not apply if you travel to Iran or Venezuela.

The list of countries and regions concerned is subject to change.

Consult our list of territorial limitations

Complementary information

Europ-Assistance requires in all cases a medical report which is drawn up and validated by the attending physician on site. Without a medical report there will be no support.

Active agents of EU Agencies and Offices, European Schools, International Organizations such as the EIB and others, diplomatic representations to the EU, members of AFILIATYS, can be covered by Europ-insurance. Silver or Gold support.

Retiring staff, already affiliated and members of Afiliatys, can maintain this cover by indicating their new domicile which must be in Europe*.

Agents affiliated with the insurance who leave the Institutions, particularly at the end of their fixed-term contract, can keep this insurance as long as their domicile is maintained in Europe* and they remain members of Afiliatys.

Retired staff can join Europ-Assistance insurance (Gold or Silver) as long as they are a member of Afiliatys and reside in Europe*.

There is no age limit for subscription. Once affiliated, there is no age limit for maintaining annual insurance.

*EUROPE = European Economic Area (EEA) with Switzerland and the United Kingdom