Exclusive Conditions on Global Diplomatic Sales

Headquartered in Gibraltar, Capurro is Jaguar Land Rover’s appointed Partner for Global Diplomatic Sales.

Through our Strategic Partnership with Jaguar Land Rover, we supply vehicles to the Diplomatic community, from personnel working at Embassies and Consulates to qualifying members of other International Organisations posted internationally.

Located on the southernmost tip of Europe, we are geographically suited to delivering vehicles to the most discerning Diplomatic clients across the globe.

Our personal and client-centric approach ensures that our customers are provided with the highest levels of service by an experienced team familiar with providing transport solutions to an international market.

For more information regarding the Jaguar Land Rover Diplomatic Sales Programme and our bespoke services, please visit our website or contact us on WhatsApp or call +350 200  79258.

Alternatively, you can contact us directly at sales@jaguarlandroverdiplomatic.com